Aleph-IT Your One Stop For Technological Services

Aleph-IT is a technology company based in Dubai. We provide a range of software and hardware services, detailed around our clients wants and needs. 

About Us

Aleph Information Technologies

Aleph-IT is a start-up company based in Dubai that was founded on the idea of providing, top of the line software services for it’s clients. 

Web Development

Pave the way for your business with a well designed, well secured website. Our team can develop all your website needs with a variety of techniques.

Mobile Application Development

Creating Apps has never been easier we develop seamless applications that perform elegantly on all platforms.

Web & Cloud Services

Creating a website is one ordeal but maintaining it is a whole other beast luckily, we provide the skills necessary for a number of different tasks.

IT Services

Aleph Information Technology provides the business and technical expertise to allow optimal performances for your business.

Cyber Security Services

Improve your security protect yourself and your clients from malicious attacks. our expertise is backed up with years of experience.

AI Robot Working

We are ready to provide services such as web-design, SaaS, ECP, Network Installation and Maintenance, Web, Cyber Security and other services all at a reasonably and affordable price!

Database Services

Databases are an integral part for any business looking to maintain or expand its current position in whatever niche they fulfill. Aleph IT has database specialists just for the occasion able to provide a variety of services including:

Database Architecture
Database Management
DBM Support
Monthly Maintenance Services
Database Clip Art