Tech Battle of the Our Decade: Google vs ChatGPT

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The competitive world of technology is always advancing- and now we are watching Google and the artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT face off in real time. Google has been the leader in AI for years, with its vast research arm pioneering many technological breakthroughs in the field of generative AI. Unsurprisingly, with the recent release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google has been challenged, leaving the company feeling the pressure to step up their game and compete more aggressively with their rival Microsoft.


According to an internal memo reported by CNBC, Google has even asked one of its AI teams to “prioritize working on a response to ChatGPT.” Although Google declined to confirm if there was a public chatbot in the works, the company continues to test its AI technology internally and they “look forward to sharing more experiences externally soon.”


Google has always been measured about what it releases and how- they want to be responsible about what they release to the public and to ensure that their AI technology is trustworthy and safe. This conserved approach is contrastable to OpenAI, who released their incredible ChatGPT tool for free to anyone with an internet connection. Millions of people around the world have now tried it, sparking discussions about the future of education and work. 


Despite many stipulating neither ChatGPT nor Google’s version comes close to what a human can do, this is under contention. Perhaps in idea generation and flow a human cannot be mimicked. Perhaps synthesizing the work of multiple humans provides better works.


Google’s development of these models hasn’t been without internal conflict, as the company tries to balance the risks of harmful misuse and biased information with the benefits of versatile AI technology. With Microsoft and OpenAI committing to building “AI systems and products that are trustworthy and safe,” we are bound to see improvements in the years to come. It seems like the battle between Google and ChatGPT will be one to watch in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years. Stay tuned for the latest developments in this tech battle of the next decade!