iPhone 14 Pro Max and iMac 2022

Web Development

Pave the way for your business with a well designed, well secured website. Our team can develop all your website needs with a variety of techniques.

Website Design

Need an extra flair for your website here at Aleph IT. Our team can provide you with solutions for all your design queries

Web Applications

Our Tools Is All You Need for a well implemented web application

Mobile Application Development

Creating Apps has never been easier we develop seamless applications that perform elegantly on all platforms.

Why an Application?

Applications are one of the best ways to enhance your niche in the market, build better brand recognitions and increase customer loyalty


Our design supports both iOS and Android devices whether its on tablets or mobile phones

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Cloud Servers

Web & Cloud Services

Creating a website is one ordeal but maintaining it is a whole other beast. Luckily we provide the skills necessary for a number of different tasks including:

IT Services

Aleph Information Technologies provides the business and technical expertise to allow optimal performances for your business.


Knowledge is key to understanding how to deal with problems. It’s not always easy trying to identify what or where a problem is in most cases its best to leave it to the professional. Aleph IT is more than willing to provide this service for those who need it.

Network Security

The tougher the armor the harder it is to penetrate in security terms this idea is close to the truth. Aleph IT proudly provides Network security services that ensure the protection of you and your clients data.

IT Remote Services

Having problems and need them fixed right away. Our team of expert IT professionals are ready to connect with you remotely and help solve your problems.

Repair Services

Hardware or software repair services including back up and disaster recovery ensuring business continuity in the event of a failure. This can be hardware failure, ransomware attack, or anything else that would make the business inoperable.

Network Setup

Aleph Information Technology’s professionals are prepared to setup highly efficient networks that are reliable, scalable, and maintainable with sightly setups meant to organize your business assigning the proper network settings with the proper permissions.

Office 365/SASS Application Management

Administration of SASS applications like office can be and extremely daunting task; new account creation, user offboarding, permissions management, license management, and various other tasks definitely need careful attention or else a business may be paying fees that are not necessary. Aleph Information Technologies can manage and administrate all your network needs.

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Cyber Security

Improve your security protect yourself and your clients from malicious attacks. our expertise is backed up with years of experience.

Cyber Security Consultation

Receive informed decision on how to implement a firm and stable security system.

Penetration Testing

Aleph Information Technology can find vulnerabilities within a system before a trespasser can infiltrate your computer systems. by doing so we’ll work on techniques to remedy the problems.

Network Security Monitoring

Prevention is always a good option within data security options, 24/7 monitoring that detects threats in real-time, and avoiding risks of network intrusion.